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The Journey of Surrender - 8

Bihari Mohan Sharma


In the embrace of a new found camaraderie, amidst whispers of devotion and echoes of distant dreams, the young man found solace in the words of assurance from Bihari. It was a promise of connection, a bridge to their revered Sri Sri Thakur. Little did he know, this assurance would weave an irreversible change in his life.

As days unfolded into regular meetings with Bihari, discussions veered towards the spiritual realm, revolving around Sri Sri Thakur. The young man, once immersed in the cacophony of worldly pursuits, now found harmony in the melodies of kirtans.  He had a deep soulful voice and was equally expert in playing various musical instruments. He immersed himself in soulful kirtans, his heart resonating with each note. Slowly, he distanced himself from former distractions, his singular wish echoing through his being – Deeksha from Sri Sri Thakur.

Bihari, witnessing this metamorphosis, penned a letter to Thakur, seeking guidance for the fervent seeker. Thakur's reply conveyed that a direct meeting was not possible in the near future, but he advised Bihari to give initiation to the young man and set him in his path to realisation. Following Thakur’s instructions, Bihari gave him the Deeksha mantra and became the conduit of divine grace for the young man.

As days went by, Bihari bore witness to a profound transformation in the young man's demeanor. Like a fledgling seeking refuge in the sanctuary of a nurturing nest, the boy's heart yearned for the solace of Kokilamukh Matha. The young man’s detachment became severe with every passing day and when it became difficult to contain him any longer, Bihari took him to the Matha for a face-to-face meeting with Sri Sri Thakur.

Moved by the boy's plight, Sri Sri Thakur extended his benevolent hand, offering sanctuary. Yet, amidst the echoes of this compassionate act, a shadow of concern loomed. Should the boy's family cast accusations upon Bihari for his pivotal role in the decision, it threatened to unleash turmoil upon them all. Undeterred by the specter of tarnished reputation, Bihari stood resolute in his conviction. He entrusted the boy's fate to the divine wisdom of Sri Sri Thakur, embracing the potential stain upon his name with grace and humility. As the boy found refuge within the folds of the Kokilamukh Math, the darkness of his troubled past receded like mist before the morning sun. The tyranny of unsocial youths back in the village, once a formidable force, dissolved into oblivion, their grip weakened by the radiance of divine compassion. A miracle! A testament to the boundless grace of Sri Sri Thakur.

But Bihari's life remained ensnared by the relentless grip of adversity. He had entrusted both his sons to the ashram’s care. Yet, fate, indifferent to his silent pleas, continued to exact its toll. The bitter sting of loss had already claimed one of his beloved daughters, leaving a void that echoed with grief. In the cruel passage of time, tragedy struck once more, as sickness ravaged his family, mercilessly snatching away two daughters and three sons, one by one. With unwavering devotion, Bihari tended to their needs, serving them in the face of despair. But each passing day exacted its toll on his weary frame, his own health faltering under the weight of ceaseless caretaking. Illness tightened its grip, leaving Bihari's body wracked with fever and his mind clouded with uncertainty.

In a moment of clarity amidst the haze of suffering, Bihari penned a desperate plea to Sri Sri Thakur, beseeching for solace in the twilight of his days. "Thakur," he implored, "life is but a fleeting breath, and my faculties wane with each passing moment. Have mercy upon this weary soul." Sri Sri Thakur wrote back and in his reply, Bihari found respite from his anguish, a soothing balm for his weary spirit. With renewed strength, he embarked on a pilgrimage to Kokilamukh Math, seeking solace in the divine presence of his revered Guru.

In the ashram, amidst the murmurs of prayer and the fragrance of incense, Bihari found sanctuary. In the comforting presence of Sri Sri Thakur, he shed the burden of his grief, finding solace in the boundless grace.

The eighth Bhakta Sammilani took place in a village named 'Bhaual'. Following the vibrant gathering of the Bhakta Sammilani, where devotees, both sanyasis and families, congregated in great numbers, Sri Sri Thakur, asked Bihari to accompany him to Puri. In the serene atmosphere of Puri, the hustle of life seemed distant, allowing for moments of peaceful contemplation. Within the tranquil precincts of the Puri ashram, the rhythm of life flowed seamlessly, the only work being buying rice, dal, vegetables to cook for Sri Sri Thakur and his devotees. The work was efficiently carried out by the sevaks in Puri ashram and this left Bihari wondering about the purpose of his visit to this tranquil abode. He couldn’t find the answer to why Sri Sri Thakur would want him there.

Clarity dawned when one day Sri Sri Thakur called Haridas and asked him to relieve Bihari of other duties. Thakur directed Bihari to embark on a pilgrimage of Puri's sacred sites. He also bestowed on Bihari the responsibility to look after the education of a small girl named Bimala. With care, Bihari embraced his newfound responsibility, delving into the depths of Puri's spiritual soul following Sri Sri Thakur’s instructions. From the revered Radhakanta Matha to the sacred Siddha Bakula and Tota Gopinath Temple, each destination unveiled layers of divine wisdom and sacred resonance. He structured his days in such a way that he could spend the day exploring Puri and take care of Bimala’s studies when he returned to ashram for prasad. In the quiet nights, he sat beside Sri Sri Thakur, his spirit enriched by the wisdom that flowed from the lips of his Guru. 

…to be continued

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Bihari Mohan Sharma'.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa Dev

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