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Why The Mystic Trails?

When I used to live in Columbus, Indiana, I loved to tell stories to little kids after my dance class, some of whom were my daughter’s friends. We used to sing bhajans, chant shlokas from Srimad Bhagavad Gita and dance together. After returning to Bangalore, I continued to tell these amazing stories of cute little Krishna to my friend’s children, who sat  around me to listen to them with rapt attention and big curious eyes. That friend of mine planted the seed in my heart to start writing a book for children which would induce in them excitement, curiosity and wonder.
The book ‘Priya and Pritam meet their friend’ was written with an aim to give children a picture of Sri Krishna which would fill their hearts with kindness and forgiveness, while making them realize the importance of faith, devotion, friendship and love. After publishing the book, I realised that blogging on the internet would be the best way to reach out to a greater audience.
My mother is an author who enjoys penning down stories of spirituality, faith and love. However, because of the pandemic she had no access to the printing press for her stories. So, I started typing her work down in Odia. While I was doing this, I realized how intriguing, alluring and transcendental these stories truly were! I decided to translate her work into English which would make it easier for more people to read it.

I welcome you, fellow travellers, to delve into the lives of the sages and seers who have nurtured the soul of India with their sacrifices and search for the ultimate truth.

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