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About Us

In our innumerable trips to market building, there would always be a stop at the Granthalaya, a book store. Bapa would get us our copies of the books written for children by Granthamandira publications. These were the biographies of the characters from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata as well as of the saints and seers who took birth in the holy land of Bharatvarsh. In the same way that science teaches us that there are sounds that the human ear is unable to hear, sights that are not visible to the human eye, there are also truths that the human mind cannot comprehend. However sometimes, we experience occurences, like a cross connection, which give us a glimpse of the other worlds. But our logical mind brushes it off as a weird thought and we fall back to the path followed by the normal man. 
Many seers were atheists in their childhood days. As they grew up, they themselves came face to face with situations that revealed the various realms of parallel universes before them. Their inquisitiveness and their resolution to find the answer took them to higher planes. After the realization of the ultimate unchanging reality, illuminated with truth, consciousness and bliss, they started to hold the hands of the distressed human beings out of sheer compassion and show them the path of light.
As we take a journey learning about the lives of these seers, we understand that there really are no accidents. Everything in life happens for a reason. It is only His will being manifested. This will help us develop faith and self realization, to achieve peace, joy and love.

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