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27. Guru Kripa Hi Kevalam


Sri Charuchandra Bandopadhyaya had written, “Once while discussing about us with his inner circle of devotees and disciples, Thakur had answered a question, saying that finding the Deeghalkandi Family had reduced much of his work. He had found so many close people together there.” Sri Sri Thakur had explained the above statement later. Many close relatives of Sri Sri Thakur’s early life had been reborn in the Deeghalkandi Family. There is a belief that when a self realised, liberated saint takes birth, the family members for generations around him also attain liberation. So, Sri Sri Thakur also had a responsibility to provide solace to all the people who were close to him in his early life, his family, relatives and friends. He found most of them born again in this Bandopadhyaya family of Deeghalkandi. Finding them all together in one place, his work became easier. We cannot disagree with this belief because the way we had got him amongst ourselves, without any sadhana, without any knowledge, as one of our closest person, it can only be possible because of the relationship that we have been sharing birth after birth. I am expressing this not as my pride but as one who received unfathomable mercy of our Sadguru Thakur Nigamananda Dev.”

Nothing is impossible when Sri Gurudev’s blessings are with you.

The grace of guru is absolute and is the only reality. Just as the lighthouse guides the ships approaching a harbour, Guru guides his disciple and shows him the path in this wilderness of life. If we contemplate carefully, we realise that we do not really know who we are and where we are. In truth, we do not know anything about ourselves and when we try to dive deep in order to acquire self-knowledge, we confront frightening experiences. In this darkness of life, Guru holds the light. That is why they say 'Gurukripa hi kevalam'.

A Sadguru is always immersed in uplifting the fallen souls of this world. Sadguru is revered as ‘Narakar Parambrahma’ (The absolute ‘Brahma’ in human form). He provides protection to all the people who are suffering from greed and the unquenchable thirst to possess, in this material world. He embraces them, gives them assurance, brings them closer to him to give them a taste of nectar. Devotee is his life, his heart beats for them, seeking their affection, begging for their love. So, Sri Sri Thakur announced, “You won’t have to do anything – Only love me a little.”

Let this love reverberate in this whole universe. Let the love that generates from one heart find its way to every heart. Let us all sing the Lord’s praise in one voice penetrating the earth and the sky. Let us soak in his mercy. Let ‘Jayaguru’ Mahamantra resound everywhere.

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty’s essay, “Deeghalkandi Parivar.”

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