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The Journey of Surrender - 3

Updated: Feb 25

Bihari Mohan Sharma


Bihari’s family lived in a quaint village nestled amidst rolling hills and meandering streams. Their humble abode was filled with warmth and love, but their hearts brimmed with anticipation as they awaited the arrival of their revered Guru, Sri Sri Thakur. When Sri Sri Thakur finally graced their home with his divine presence, the entire Bihari family was overcome with joy. His aura, like a radiant halo, enveloped everyone in a sense of serenity and belonging. Close relatives who came to pay their respects found themselves spellbound by his ethereal charm, feeling an inexplicable connection as if they had known him for lifetimes. Thakur offered them deeksha, right in the humble confines of his home.

Despite his busy schedule, Sri Sri Thakur was deeply moved by the love and devotion of his followers. One day, a wealthy landowner from a neighbouring village extended an invitation for Thakur to visit his estate. Though grateful for the gesture, Thakur humbly declined, citing his limited time. Thakur said, “I don’t have that much time with me to go and visit everyone’s home.” Yet, the very next day, to the astonishment of many, Thakur appeared unannounced at the doorstep of a penniless Brahmin named Rajani, whom others deemed eccentric. Overwhelmed with joy, Thakur initiated Rajani along with two other devotees, Gagan and Rajendra, into the sacred path.

Back in the Bihari household, amidst the melodious chants and prayers that filled the air, young Bihari found himself grappling with inner turmoil regarding his deeksha mantra. Desperate for guidance, he longed to seek counsel from Thakur. However, the opportunity seemed elusive, as Thakur was always surrounded by devotees.

One day, Thakur said, “I want to be left alone for some time”, expressing his desire for solitude. The room began to empty, save for Bihari and Bhuban Brahmachari. Sensing Bihari's silent plea for answers, Thakur turned to him and requested gently, “Please recite your deeksha mantra”. With trembling lips, Bihari recited the mantra, only to be met with Thakur's solemn verdict that it was impure. In that moment of despair, Bihari found solace in the unwavering gaze of Thakur, trusting in his boundless compassion to lead him towards the light. True to his word, Thakur took Bihari under his wing, giving him deeksha, initiating him into the sacred fold of discipleship.

At the age of twenty-nine, Bihari's life underwent a profound transformation. The burdens that had weighed heavily upon his soul since adolescence began to dissipate, replaced by an unprecedented sense of peace and joy. Even though he desired material pleasures, making amends for fulfilment of these desires took a toll on him and he earnestly wanted to get out of this vicious loop. He didn’t seek a Guru to lead him to experience God. But after getting initiated by Sri Sri Thakur he knew that he can happily drink the venom the world offered him without any anxiety or worry if he can learn to love Sri Sri Thakur. Through Thakur's grace, Bihari discovered a newfound strength to confront life's challenges with unwavering faith.


Sri Sri Thakur had advised: Whenever you go through grief then this is how your prayer should be, “O Lord! Give us difficulty, give us pain. It won’t matter if you let us know that it is you who have given us this grief and you are enjoying seeing us suffering.”

Guided by Thakur's teachings, Bihari learned to embrace hardship with humility and gratitude, understanding that every trial was but a divine lesson in disguise. Even in the face of unimaginable grief, such as the loss of his beloved son, Bihari found solace in the words of his Guru, offering prayers that surrendered to the will of the divine.

Sri Sri Thakur had arrived in a place called ‘Srihatta’ for the very first time. He gave initiation to many devotees but didn’t have enough time to address their personal queries. He only said, “Do not worry. Never forget that your Thakur is always with you, guarding you at every step.”

Bihari asked, “What if we forget?”

Thakur answered, “Even if you wish to forget, I won’t allow it to happen.”


At that point of time, Bihari’s grandmother caught hold of Thakur’s lotus feet and cried, “Thakur! What will happen to me?” Thakur replied, “You are old. You won’t be able to carry out prayers and meditation. You only think of me and you will find me near you.” Sri Sri Thakur kept his word. Bihari’s grandmother left her body six years after this incident. The profound impact of Thakur's presence extended beyond individual lives, touching the heart of Bihari's grandmother in her final days. As she lay bedridden, her soul preparing for its journey into the unknown, Thakur appeared to her in dreams, offering comfort and reassurance. She recounted one of her dreams where she saw Yamaduta (the apostles of death) come to take her away. At that same instant Sri Sri Thakur appeared with his devotees and drove them away, holding her hand and taking her to Kokilamukh Matha. In her final moments, surrounded by the loving embrace of Thakur's grace, she breathed her last, her heart overflowing with devotion. And as she ascended into the realms beyond, Thakur's promise remained etched in her soul, a beacon of hope guiding her towards the eternal light.

... to be continued

Inspired by Krishnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Bihari Mohan Sharma.'

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Paramahnsa Dev

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