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The Journey of Surrender - 6

Updated: Mar 17

Bihari Mohan Sharma


Bihari continued living his life in ecstasy, immersing himself in every work that came his way. Once Chidananda Ji proposed if Bihari would be interested to accompany him. Chidananda Ji had to travel to Jorhat to meet the lawyer Akshaya Babu for matters regarding Kokilamukh Matha. Though Bihari was not inclined to accompany, he said yes considering it as an order. He thought this journey by foot to Jorhat would be so boring and he would not be able to complete all his work. But his notion turned out to be completely wrong. Throughout the journey, Chidananda Ji kept talking about the journey into spiritualism, covering Swami Vivekananda’s Karmayoga and Guru Nanak’s Sukhmani Saheb. All emotions, laughter, tears, dancing, singing and every mood was created and dissolved in their discussion. A euphoria of endless joy flowed between them. How Bihari wished to be blessed with such moments every day! How he longed for such company, such exchanges every day of his life!

After listening to Sri Sri Thakur’s advice at Satgaon station to give up laziness, Bihari continuously prayed, “Thakur! Give me strength to overcome laziness and be endowed with the spirit to work.” By the mercy of Sri Sri Thakur, since that day he found himself motivated and started enjoying work. Regular visits to Kokilamukh Math and mingling with his spiritual brothers there, he learnt the tricks of working effectively and the work that seemed difficult and arduous earlier became simple, easy and joyous.

While giving deeksha to his disciples, Sri Sri Thakur had said, “Though some of you have been given initiation with the Shakti Mantra, some have been given the Vishnu Mantra, still you all are not confined to any stream. You all are the worshipper of the absolute Brahma.” He had also taught them a little about meditation, worship and outlined the importance of eating pure, vegetarian sattvic food. Bihari felt as if there was a special power and philosophy underlining Sri Sri Thakur’s love and care. All the doubts arising in his mind were automatically cleared. He arrived at a steady resolve. Nothing could lure him to deviate from his path. All the crazy ideas that he entertained earlier about dharma began to slowly recede. He was drawn to and inspired by all the works of Sri Sri Thakur that was carried on in a simple, easy, non-ostentatious way and his life began to be filled with a never before experienced joy.

Sri Sri Thakur advised everyone according to their capacity. Once, on the day before an eclipse, a brahmin asked Sri Sri Thakur about the rites and rituals observed during an eclipse. Thakur explained every step to him at length. But when Bihari Bhai asked the same question, Sri Sri Thakur brushed him aside saying it won’t be beneficial for him. The God that needs to be worshipped on a particular day, at a particular time, is not the God that his devotees should pray. Their God has to be in their thoughts every moment, while having food, while taking a walk, while sleeping and even while dreaming. Devoid of any ego, the devotee should serve his Guru, plunge himself into the work of his Guru, work without any distraction, and aim to mingle with his Guru after his work in this material world is over.

The surrendered souls who surrender to their Guru, go through maximum hurdle and pain. Falling a victim to strokes of ill fate, accidents and sorrow again and again, the shackles of attachment with this world loosen. Freeing themselves from the demands of this world, they slowly become detached and carry out the orders and advice of their Guru. By facing difficulties, their strength and resilience grow and they hardly feel the pain. They accept everything as the grace of God. be continued

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Bihari Mohan Sharma.'

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa Dev


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