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Doting Devotion - VI

Friends Forever


Ashwini Bhai’s children grew up and blossomed under the guidance of Sri Sri Thakur. They completed their education and took up jobs to support the family but Sri Sri Thakur’s vigilant eyes always kept watching them, attending to their every need. The following incident took place when Kanu, the second son of Ashwini Bhai was studying in Shivpur Engineering college. The Swadeshi movement had spread all over the country and Kanu was actively involved to keep the flame burning bright in his campus. Many confidential papers and documents were hidden in his home. Kanu used to live in the college hostel and visit home during holidays. Once when he was visiting home, a letter from Sri Sri Thakur arrived which was addressed to him. In the letter, he was advised to get rid of certain confidential papers. Kanu acted as per the instructions of Thakur and got rid of all the papers. A few days later, his house was raided by the police. Every room, every nook and corner were searched but the police didn’t find anything suspicious. Kanu heaved a sigh of relief.

When the college reopened, Kanu left for the hostel. One day some English police officers arrived in the college demanding to search the rooms of some of the students. Kanu was quite relaxed after his house search and didn’t expect the police to come after him once again. But the police didn’t sit still. Kanu was already a suspect in their radar. His heart began to pound harder and harder since he had hidden some important confidential documents in his room. He knew he would be caught this time. Leaving everything aside, he sat down and prayed to Sri Sri Thakur, the only one he could turn to in this time of grave danger. The principal of the college was an English academician. He was very strict and all the students were scared of him. But when the police started searching Kanu’s room, the principal arrived at the spot and prevented them. He turned to the police officers and said in a grave tone, “I know my student better than you. The information that you have received is not correct. He can never be involved in such activities.” The police had to return and Kanu was saved miraculously. He knew that this was only possible because of Sri Sri Thakur’s mercy. He bowed down to Sri Sri Thakur and offered his heartfelt gratitude.

Whenever the family suffered from any illness or encountered any financial difficulty, Sri Sri Thakur would always send them help through his disciples.

Ashwini Bhai’s children were proficient in music and singing. They used to sing sweetly and play musical instruments to entertain Sri Sri Thakur when he visited them at their home. Ashwini Bhai had appointed tutors to teach music lessons to the children and hone their talent. His only wish was that their songs and instruments should fill Sri Sri Thakur’s heart with joy. They used to have rehearsals day in and day out before the arrival of Sri Sri Thakur. He would choose the songs that would make Sri Sri Thakur happy. The children in the house were in seventh heaven when Sri Sri Thakur visited them. Going out with him for picnics, swimming in the pond, having music and singing sessions around him were everyday activities. Ashwini Bhai made sure to stay away from all this fun as he didn’t want his children to become conscious in the presence of their father. He wanted his children to mix with Sri Sri Thakur without any reservation so that Sri Sri Thakur could enjoy to the fullest in the assembly of children. Without their parents, without any restriction, the children also became close friends with Sri Sri Thakur.

A few days before Sri Sri Thakur left his mortal body, had visited him. Sri Sri Thakur’s face radiated with joy on seeing him. He asked Kanu to sing a song. Kanu started singing …

“tomar amaar majhkhanete thak na anek door,

Tomay kachhe aanbe amaar ganer karun sur” (There shall never be any distance between us dear, The melody of my song will always bring you near.)

After listening to the song, Sri Sri Thakur instructed him to sing another song written by Sri Atul Prasad …

“ogo sathi momo sathi, sei pathe jaabo sathe,

Je pothe asibe taruno prabhata aruna tilaka mathe”

(O friend, my friend, lets tread that path together in union

That path which is brightened up by the first rays of the sun.)

The setting sun has disappeared from the western horizon. The wait for the new sun to rise has commenced. The sun will again appear illuminating with its golden rays, and move on in its path. Oh, my friend! Oh, my dear! Don’t leave my hand. It doesn’t matter whether the path is short or long. Holding your hand, walking beside you, we will embark on that golden path together. This is the fervent prayer of the devotee.

There is neither a beginning nor an end to the relationship between a Guru and his disciple. It is ever expanding like the limitless sky. At times, the devotee, filled with parental love takes care of the Lord like his child. Some other times, he shares his thoughts and life with him like a friend, and even enjoys relating to him like a lover or a beloved.

‘tvameva mata cha pita tvameva, tvameva bandhushcha sakha tvameva’

Whatever way you look upto him, he reciprocates in the same way. We have to bind him in a relationship and then only he appears before us in that desired form.

Our Thakur is exactly the same. The interplay of emotion with the devotee goes on through various stages. Sometimes with his brilliant sparkle he adorns the throne of the Guru, sometimes bound in ‘vatsalya bhav’, parental love, he takes on the position and responsibilities of either the son or the father. Sometimes he puts his hand around our shoulders like a friend in ‘sakhya bhav’, while at other times he reciprocates like a lover, ‘madhura bhav’ - A beautiful bouquet of Dashya, Sakhya, Vatsalya and Madhura Bhav.

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Sri Ashwini Kumar Dasgupta'.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa Dev

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