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Govardhan Leela

3. Indra Surrenders


na trāsa iha vaḥ kāryo mad-dhastādri-nipātanāt vāta-varṣa-bhayenālaṁ tat-trāṇaṁ vihitaṁ hi vaḥ

(You should have no fear that this mountain will fall from My hand. And don’t be afraid of the wind and rain, for your deliverance from these afflictions has already been arranged.)

There was nothing to fear. Krishna had given them the assurance. Though he was a small child but the Brijwasis were aware of his benevolence. He had protected them so far from all atrocities and he was the only one they turned to in times of joy or despair. They knew he was there to protect from all dangers. Here, he solved the problem by lifting the just worshiped hill. His land, where he roamed with his friends and cows, where he relished the ultimate love and joy, was non-different from him and this Govardhan became physically linked to him for seven days.

Lord Krishna held up the mountain while the residents of Brij kept chanting his praises. They all had the opportunity to dwell together with him and glanced at him amazed. After lifting the hill, Krishna placed it on the little finger of his left hand. The little finger which is the weakest of all fingers was bestowed with all the strength needed to protect the oppressed. The cowherd men and women were all elated, and out of loving affection they opened their eyes wide, continuously drinking the nectar of the beauty and sweetness of Krishna, forgetting their hunger, thirst or fatigue.

Seven days of continuous rain from the Samvartaka clouds failed to flood the district of Mathura because Krishna, simply by his potency, immediately dried up the water as it fell to the ground. Seven days went by in an ecstatic reunion. When Indra saw that all his power, all his strength could not even make a drop of water fall on the residents, he realised his mistake. His eyes opened and he understood that these people were protected by Krishna, the Supreme absolute. Indra ordered all his samvartaka clouds to stop and go away. The rains stopped and the sun was visible again. The fierce winds changed to cool breeze.

The gopas each took their personal cows and left, with their belongings loaded on the wagons and the women, children and old people slowly following. And while all the living beings were looking on, Krishna easily put down the hill back where it stood before. The residents of Brij, overwhelmed by the pure love they felt for him, came forward and embraced him, each expressing his personal relationship with him. Yashoda, Rohini, Nanda, Balarama and the gopis hugged Krishna tightly blessing him all the while. After that Krishna together with Balarama, surrounded by the loving animals left for the place in the forest where they were grazing . The gopas and gopis went back singing the glories of Krishna’s heroic deeds, happy as they got to spend time with the jewel of their heart.

And Indra, the king of the heaven, knowing the offence he had committed came down and he placed his golden crown on the lotus feet of Krishna and prayed, “You are so kind, you are so merciful, you always protect the promise that You will never neglect your devotees. I was blinded by my position and the power I gained as all living beings on this entire earth depend on me for rain. I was intoxicated by my pride and didn’t even realise the crime I was committing by putting your devotees in danger. You have curbed my pride by your mercy and your kindness. You have again reminded me that I am only the insignificant servant, aspiring to be the dust of your lotus feet.” Then his elephant, Airavata, with the water of the Ganges, offered abhishek to Krishna followed by Surabhi cows of Vrindavan who did abhishek by bathing Krishna with their limitless milk of which was coming out of love.

vina bhavet kim hari-dasa-varya padasrayam bhaktir atah srayami yam eva saprema ni jesayoh sri- govardhano me disatam abhistam

(Without taking shelter of the feet of the hill that serves Sri Krishna, how it is possible to attain pure devotional service? May Govardhan Hill fulfil my desire.)

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