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The Journey of Surrender - 14

Bihari Mohan Sharma


In his book "Sri Sri Thakura Mahatmya," Bihari Mohan Sharma shares his experiences with Sri Sri Thakur in simple and beautiful words. In this book, Bihari shares his interactions and observations of Sri Sri Thakur. Bihari writes, "After spending a lot of time with Sri Sri Thakur, I started to see him as just a regular person, humble and down-to-earth. At first, I worried that maybe everyone else felt something special about Sri Sri Thakur that I didn't. But after thinking about it and talking to others who were spiritual, I realized nobody had seen anything magical or strange. If at all any, all those experiences appeared common and a daily life phenomenon.”

Throughout his life, Sri Sri Thakur embodied humility and a profound disregard for ostentation, shunning the spectacle of showcasing supernatural abilities or orchestrating miracles. His devotees, too, harboured no desire for such displays. During a conversation, Sri Sri Thakur expressed that he has never committed to fulfil any extravagant requests but he strived to elevate individuals to a higher state of humanity. "I have never given any assurance to any of my disciples that I will show them Shiva, Durga, or Krishna," he asserted. "I have given my word to make them humans." Under Sri Sri Thakur's benevolent gaze, the seemingly insurmountable became attainable, and the impossible melted away. His teachings and guidance soothed restless minds and pacified hearts plagued by anger and jealousy. In "Sri Sri Thakura Mahatmya," Bihari illustrates myriad instances of the enduring significance of Sri Sri Thakur's teachings and the transformative influence of his Sangha. In a world often besieged by turmoil and strife, the ethos of Sri Sri Thakur serves as a guiding light, inspiring individuals to embrace their innate humanity and cultivate a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings.

It was a sad and nervous time when Sri Sri Thakur decided to move to Puri. Bihari and his friends were disheartened because they knew they wouldn't see their beloved Guru as much anymore. They worried about how they would stay close to him when he was so far away. Bihari talked to Sri Sri Thakur about his worries. He was afraid they wouldn't be able to keep in touch once Sri Sri Thakur moved so far away. But Sri Sri Thakur comforted them with his words. He said, "Don't worry. Even if I'm far away, you'll always feel my presence. Wherever a few of my followers gather, I'll be there with them. You'll feel my spirit around you."Sri Sri Thakur's words made Bihari and his friends feel better. They stopped worrying so much and felt reassured that their connection with their Guru would stay strong no matter the distance.

In the midst of a heated argument with his neighbor about property lines, one of Sri Sri Thakur's followers got really mad. He was so angry that he burst into Bihari's place, his eyes full of rage and his words full of hate. "I'm going to do something terrible to him," he said angrily. But Bihari didn't respond with anger. Instead, he hugged his upset friend tightly, trying to calm him down. He made him sit down and kept holding onto him until he started to feel better. Then, using stories from Sri Sri Thakur's life and teachings, Bihari shared some wise words. As Bihari talked, his words seemed to bring peace and understanding. Over time, the angry man began to feel better. He laughed and cried as he listened, finding comfort in the spiritual truths Bihari shared. Slowly, his anger melted away, and he realized that he didn't need to be hostile anymore.

Feeling a newfound kindness in his heart, the man stood up. He decided he wanted to make things right with his neighbor. He was willing to talk things out and accept whatever decision his neighbor made.

Yet another extraordinary episode in his book "Sri Sri Thakura Mahatmya," illuminates the miraculous influence of spiritual wisdom and the boundless compassion of Sri Sri Thakur. Once, there was a respected person who followed Sri Sri Thakur. He was very angry with someone because of business issues. So, he decided to punish the person by cutting off his ear and bringing it to him.

But then, Bhuban Brahmachari, a simple follower of Sri Sri Thakur, stepped in. He asked for donations for Mayanamati Ashram. As they talked, time flew by, filled with the wise teachings and love of Sri Sri Thakur.

Surprisingly, the anger of the respected person melted away. He went to the person he was angry with, hugged him, and both of them gave a lot of donations for the ashram. It was like a miracle!

How could the sage counsel of a young disciple quell the fires of anger that had consumed a seasoned elder of respect and influence? It was only possible by the ineffable grace of Sri Sri Thakur – a divine presence whose benevolent influence knows no bounds.

A similar incident took place in Bihari’s life too. Bihari's had a longstanding feud with a fellow villager, their enmity breeding silence and resentment. Yet, as the gentle tendrils of Sri Sri Thakur's grace enveloped Bihari's soul, a profound shift began to unfold. Through countless conversations and exchanges with Bhuban Brahmachari, Bihari's ego gradually dissolved, making space for love and compassion to blossom within his heart. It was this newfound wellspring of love that propelled Bihari in the path of reconciliation. Shedding the shackles of hatred that had bound him for so long, Bihari approached his erstwhile enemy with open arms, extending a gesture of friendship, giving up bitterness and resentment. The moment of embrace, charged with the weight of forgiveness and understanding, left both men awestruck. The gentleman, once a foe was profoundly touched, humbly falling to his knees in repentance. With tears of remorse streaming down his cheeks, he sought forgiveness for past transgressions and, in a symbolic act of reconciliation, made a humble donation of one rupee to the ashram.

Despite facing the trials and tribulations of life's hardships, Bihari's unwavering belief in the grace of Sri Sri Thakur served as an anchor amidst the storms of misfortune. Born into modest circumstances, Bihari's journey was marked by adversity and struggle. Yet, through the grace of Sri Sri Thakur, he navigated life's challenges with resilience and grace. His sadhana, characterized by steadfast faith and unwavering simplicity, was his only hope in the face of adversity. It was Bihari's unassuming love and uncontentious spirit that endeared him to Sri Sri Thakur, bridging the perceived gap between master and servitor. Their relationship transcended mere hierarchy, evolving into a bond akin to that of a father and son, or between intimate friends and lovers. In the luminous presence of Sri Sri Thakur, Bihari found solace and guidance, his heart overflowing with devotion and reverence.

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Bihari Mohan Sharma'.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa Dev

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