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The Journey of Surrender - 2

Bihari Mohan Sharma


Enchanted by the aura of the revered Guru, Bihari returned home. Upon arrival, he was handed a letter announcing the impending visit of Sri Sri Thakur to the residence of Ashwini Dhar Bhai in a town named Ujjasin, located in Kumilla. Should Bihari desire to meet him, arrangements must be made for Sri Sri Thakur's transportation from Ujjasin to his own abode. Reading and rereading the letter, Bihari found it hard to believe that Sadguru Nigamananda Saraswati, the esteemed Guru of nobles and landowners, would grace the humble home of a commoner like himself. Uncertain of what to do or how to properly welcome such a revered figure, he borrowed five rupees from two respected villagers and set off for Ujjasin.

On his journey back from Kokilamukh Matha, Bihari found himself grappling with a recurring question. Sri Sri Thakur had imparted the chanting process without requesting his mantra. Yet, Bihari remained unsure if his mantra was suitable for meditation and worship.

Upon reaching Ashwini Bhai's home, Sri Sri Thakur recited various Beej Mantras, but Bihari's mantra was not among them, leaving him somewhat unsettled. Nonetheless, he stayed, enjoying the company of fellow disciples for several days before embarking on the return journey to his village alongside Sri Sri Thakur.

In his memoir, Bihari Mohan Sharma noted a remarkable quality of Sri Sri Thakur during this journey. Despite being accustomed to regal receptions orchestrated by kings, Thakur chose to accompany Bihari on a humble boat ride on a cold night, traversing through the darkness to reach the 'Akhauda' station and catch a train. Thakur, usually accustomed to first or second-class travel, opted for a third-class compartment that night, sharing space with numerous commoners, all to visit the home of an ordinary devotee. Far from displaying any fatigue, he engaged in lively conversations with a captivating charm and sense of humor.

Sri Sri Thakur initially visited the home of his disciple Narmada, also residing in the same village, where he stayed for a couple of days. The villagers flocked to catch a glimpse of this revered sage, while the air resonated with the devotees' Bhajans and Sankirtans. Impressed by the musical talents displayed, Thakur remarked, “I am impressed with the singing and kirtan of Bihari’s staff.” Bihari's village boasted an English-medium middle school and a Sanskrit Pathshala. A few students got together and formed a student council. A weekly meeting of the council was held at Bihari’s place. In that meeting, discussions covered aspects of character building, control of mind and meditation. These students did well in their academics and always topped their classes. Likewise, Bihari also got some students together and formed a Sankirtan Mandali. Sri Sri Thakur addressed these students as 'Bihari’s staff'. Many of them became Sri Sri Thakur’s disciples. Thakur used to humorously call Bihari the mediator of this centre in the village named Jagatsi.

As days passed at Narmada Bhai's residence, Bihari's eagerness to host Thakur at his own home waned. Doubts arose about his ability to adequately care for Thakur, including arranging transportation. Witnessing his diminishing enthusiasm, his friends resolved to transport Thakur to their village in a palanquin.

Aware of the concerns among devotees, Sri Sri Thakur confided in one of his close disciples, Swarupananda Ji, expressing his preference to walk to Bihari's home rather than be carried in a palanquin. True to his word, Thakur embarked on foot the following day, leaving Bihari stunned, who silently followed. While Narmada Bhai arranged a horse-drawn carriage for Thakur, they eventually had to dismount and proceed on foot due to narrow roads. Upon reaching home, Bihari noticed blisters on Thakur's feet, a testament to his humility and dedication.

Sadguru Swami Nigamananda Saraswati Dev

Inspired by Krushnapriya Mohanty's essay, 'Bihari Mohan Sharma'.

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